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This is the MadWaves Community for invite code sharing, recycled journals and showcasing music made on the MadPlayer.

MadWaves designs, develops, markets and licenses software and hardware solutions that bring interactivity to digital music. The Company's products are the first to allow users to interactively experience and create digitally generated music on non-PC music devices.

MadWaves products are creating entirely new categories in the digital audio products market, moving away from "user passive," listen-only devices, to products that are "user interactive."

The Company delivers generative and interactive music solutions via custom DSPs and interactive products and software, for application to the web, personal computers, consumer/business products and wireless devices.

The Company sells and licenses its products to companies that want to add interactivity and generative music features to their consumer digital audio-related products.

Listen to a song made by rapper B-Nice on his Madplayer - Take a Ride' (MP3 7.53 MB)


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